Staging Sustainability 2014


Staging Sustainability 2014 introduced participants to ground-breaking leaders working across Canada, on Broadway, in London, in community gardens—as well as all points in-between—to remake the way we work in the performing arts. Each panel included speakers hailing from a variety of professions, locations and experience levels, bringing their insights forward to address questions relevant to our arts sector today.

The event continues to spark conversations and influence practices through participants’ blogs and shared presentation materials, available in the list below.

Conference Materials

Presentation Videos and Slideshows

Plenary Talks:

Day 1 Opening Plenary – “What is Sustainability?”

Arlene Goldbard – [Video]

Day 1 Lunch Plenary – “History of Arts and Energy”

Barry Lord – Co-President, Lord Cultural Resources – [Video]

Day 1 Closing Plenary – “Sustainability and Re-enchantment”

Simon Brault – Director and CEO, Canada Council for the Arts – [Video]

Day 2 Opening Plenary – “Change Agency”

Douglas Worts – Culture and Sustainability Consultant, Worldviews Consulting – [Video]


“How does the artist talk about environmental issues through performance?”

Cassie Meador – Artistic Director, Dance Exchange – [Video] 

Chantal Bilodeau – Artistic Director, The Arctic Cycle – [Slideshow]

“How is sustainable thinking changing the way we make and tech shows?”

Tim Atkinson – Technical Director, Entertaining Sustainability – [Slideshow]

“How do managers and production staff integrate sustainable practices into performance and events?

Andrea Surich – Production Manager, Grand Theatre – [Slideshow]

“How can we rethink how we use and manage our materials to reduce our waste, save money and build community?”

Catherine Prosser – CEO and Co-founder, StageBitz – [Slideshow]

“What part do designers play in bringing sustainable practices into performance?”

Donyale Werle – Brooklyn-based set designer and sculptor – [Slideshow]

Sholeh Johnston – Arts Manager, Julie’s Bicycle – [Slideshow]

Tanja Beer – Activist in Residence, Julie’s Bicycle – [Slideshow]

“How are those on the front lines of sustainable development issues engaged and represented in performance?”

Yvette Nolan – Playwright, director and dramaturg – [Slideshow]

Lisa Jackson – Filmmaker –  [Video]

Marrie Mumford – Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies, Trent University, Director, Nozhem, First Peoples Performance Space – [Slideshow]

“How are presenters thinking about sustainability in their programming?”

Harry Giles, Environment Officer, Festivals Edinburgh – [Slideshow]

Marie Zimmerman, Executive Director, Hillside Festival – [Slideshow]

“What are approaches to sustainability in the arts? Makers, Presenters, Contexts.” 

Adrienne Goehler – Berlin-based freelance curator and writer – [Video] and [Slideshow]

“How are the social aspects of sustainability being considered in new work and in the communities in which it is made?”

Pru Robey – Director, Creative Placemaking Lab, Artscape – [Slideshow]

Harry Giles – Officer of Environment, Festivals Edinburgh – [Slideshow]

“How are arts facilities being built to respond to sustainability?”

Annet Baumast – Sustainability expert, lecturer, writer, consultant and researcher, founder of Baumast – Kultur & Nachhaltigkeitt  – [Slideshow]

Raymond Kent – Managing Principal, Sustainable Technologies Group, LLC – [Slideshow]

“How can we innovate in exisiting arts facilities to integrate sustainable technology and practices?”

Raymond Kent – Managing Principal, Sustainable Technologies Group, LLC – [Slideshow]

“How do arts organizations integrate balance and sustainability as core values?”

Marie-Marguerite Sabongui – Strategist, Purpose – [Slideshow]

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Arlene Goldbard – “Staging Sustainability”

Arlene Goldbard – “Aesthetics and Sustainability”

Chantal Bilodeau – “Crossing a Line”

Grantmakers in the Arts – “Deceleration and Sustainability”

Theatre Ontario – “Thriving Through Innovative Thinking”

Shula Strassfeld, Dance Exchange – “You CAN Go Home Again — I Just Did”

Interview with Jeremy Pickard – “Balancing Agenda and Art”

Staging Concepts – “Staging Sustainability”

Dr. Peter Whitehouse, Case Western Reserve University – “Sustainability, Art & Dementia”

List of Speakers

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List of Delegates

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Conference Program [PDF]