Apply Now for the LIBIMI Kitchener Virtual Consultative Sessions!

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Are you ready for Part 2 of our Virtual Consultative Sessions? ABO is looking for arts leaders and members of non-profit arts, culture, heritage, faith and community organizations in the Kitchener area who would like to participate in a one-on-one consultation with Randy Dalton of the Dalton Company, and Bryn Jones of WalterFedy. Presenters will offer guidance and perspective based on their expertise and pertaining to their session topics. These consultations are provided free of charge. There is no fee to apply and there will be no fee if you are selected!

Here is what an attendee thought of the Virtual Consultative Session for Cambridge:

“Great mix of some onscreen sharing and just being in dialogue. I really, REALLY appreciate the one on one consultation opportunity and working with both presenters in tandem. I think this enriched the conversation to play off of each other versus having silo conversations.”

– Kenn Norman | The Fashion History Museum

Randy Dalton will focus on the topic of Building/Renovating Creative Space, while Bryn Jones will focus on Managing/Maintaining Creative Spaces. The Kitchener Virtual Consultative Sessions are April 13 & 20 2021. Learn more about them here, or apply for a spot here.

Applications close on March 23, 2021.