Helping you operate your facilities sustainably

Managing a facility proactively and sustainably requires professional tools, resources and services that many arts organizations just can’t access or afford.

How we can help

  • Asset Planner for the Arts, an invaluable online resource designed to help you understand the condition of your facilities, lets you manage your spaces and plan for improvements in a data-driven way.
  • SpaceFinder, a free online tool to help creative spaces promote their rentals to creatives in their community.
  • Resource Library is a living, ever-growing collection of top templates, guides, podcasts, and references for your organization. It’s curated by experts to address the unique needs of arts facilities. Search under the “Managing” category or search specific keywords to find resources from local and international sources.
  • Our calendar includes links to professional development and training opportunities from our advisory, partners, and world leading organizations.

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