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Funds for facilities improvements and capital projects are scarce and often difficult to access. ArtsBuild is committed to providing up-to-date learning and information resources around traditional and innovative ways to fund and finance projects to improve existing facilities and build new ones.

Find Funding for your capital projects:

ArtsBuild Ontario has been working hard to better understand how Canada Cultural Spaces Fund (CCSF) money can be utilized and accessed by our small to mid-sized organizations. There have been some changes to the Cultural Spaces fund this year, including significant increases to the budget – so now is the time to apply!

To better understand these changes to the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, ArtsBuild Ontario hosted a webinar with Valerie Hopper, Manager of the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund Ontario Region and arts organizations registered on Bricks & Mortar. Topics covered included the changes to the CCSF, eligibility, the applications process and more.

Now we want to share this information with you! Click here to access a recording of our webinar with Valerie from Canada Cultural Spaces, and/or here to view the transcript of the webinar and Q&A period.



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