What We Do

ArtsBuild Ontario is the only organization in Ontario dedicated to realizing long-term solutions for building, managing and financing the sustainable arts facilities needed in Ontario communities. We are a non-profit arts service organization that provides organizations with training, tools and resources that support the development and management of creative spaces such as theatres, galleries, concert halls, museums and other creative spaces.

How We Help

Whether you are an arts organization that:

  • Already owns or leases an arts facility;
  • Is planning to have your own space;
  • Has a municipality that owns and/or manages creative spaces; or
  • funder or other decision-maker that works with creative infrastructure

… Our offerings can help you!

Many of the essential needs surrounding arts facilities fall into four categories – Building, Managing, Learning and Financing.

Statement of Commitment to Accessibility

ArtsBuild Ontario provides organizations with the training, tools and resources that support the development and management of healthy creative spaces and is committed to providing these resources in a welcoming and supportive way for all.

ArtsBuild Ontario will identify, prevent and remove barriers to participation on an ongoing basis, working to meet (and where possible, exceed) the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The staff of ArtsBuild Ontario will provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to promote inclusion and access for all.

ArtsBuild Ontario Accessibility Policy

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