Wrap Up of the 2023-24 Creative Spaces Mentoring Network


As the 2023-24 Creative Spaces Mentoring Network comes to a close, we are happy to reflect on this past year and all of the accomplishments that the 72 mentees and mentors were able to achieve. For the first time, the program took place across two different provinces, and we have been thrilled with the level of participation and engagement from everyone involved. 

The Wrap-Up Webinars in both Ontario and Calgary provided a wonderful opportunity for each cohort to come together one final time and share their experiences and achievements. We enjoyed hearing the mentees share their projects and collaborations, highlighting not just their program goals but also the personal growth they experienced throughout the mentorship journey. 

Some participants achieved their initial goals, while others found that their goals shifted as the year progressed. Regardless of their individual paths, it was clear that the mentoring relationships forged through the Creative Spaces Mentoring Network were powerful and impactful. This program goes beyond just skill development; it’s about fostering trust, navigating the arts and culture sector, overcoming challenges, and building a supportive network. Now in its 9th iteration, the Creative Spaces Mentoring Network continues to connect Ontario’s creative community that will continue to grow, even after the program concludes. We also look forward to returning to Alberta for another year in Fall 2024! 

During the Ontario Wrap-Up Webinar, the cohort participated in an Arts and Culture Sector Trivia Game, testing their knowledge of the arts sector. If you’re curious about your own knowledge, you can take the quiz too! Participants also shared their concluding thoughts about the program, and we wrapped up with some tips on how to close off the mentorships.

Meanwhile, the Calgary Wrap-Up Webinar featured a thought-provoking talk by guest speaker Cory Nespor, co-founder of  Nvrlnd Arts Foundation. From a program survey, we learned that mentees were particularly interested in focusing on business/strategic planning and building community relationships. Cory was able to provide valuable insights on the evolving landscape of creative spaces and how to best support artists in Calgary. 

As we look back on the past year, we are amazed by the growth and success stories that emerged from the Creative Spaces Mentoring Network. The relationships formed between mentors and mentees extended beyond professional collaborations, with many evolving into new friendships. We are excited to welcome the 2024-25 cohort and see what new creative projects are emerging in the sector!