Connecting you with ideas and information from sector experts and peers

Getting the right knowledge and information to help you manage and develop your facility is essential for arts organizations. ArtsBuild provides cost-effective and reliable resources and impactful learning opportunities to help arts organizations manage more sustainable facilities.

ArtsBuild has partnered with non-profit and private sector leaders to develop and deliver learning opportunities across a variety of platforms.

How we can help

  • ArtsBuild Ontario’s Learning Series offers workshops, webinars and other learning opportunities for arts organizations to leverage our programs.
  • The Creative Spaces Mentoring Network helps arts leaders with facility projects and issues get one-to-one learning from an experienced professional.
  • Professional development opportunities including webinars, communities of interest, project management e-learning with WorkInCulture and workshops
  • ArtsBuild’s Bricks&Mortar examines trends and issues around arts facilities
  • ArtsBuild’s Resource Library provides online resources for all things facilities-related including guides, templates, examples, case studies, short films and more!

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