Expansion in Forecast for NPOs and Cultural Hubs


This month a number of publications including the New York Times are noting a shift in the economy, lauding the rise of the nonprofit sector and forecasting expansion among cultural districts. The New Cities Foundation foresees:

“Over the next decade, some $ 250 billion will be invested in the creation of new cultural districts around the globe” … “success is not just getting an arts building or series of buildings out of the ground, it is about ensuring that they are viable and play a central role in their communities.” [LINK]

For many of us, this news is exciting, galvanizing, and also raises some questions. The viable part, that’s the tough part. You may be thinking “Yes, but how?” We are already hearing the same concerns in our conversations with Ontario’s nonprofit arts organizations. (See our Sustainable Creative Spaces reports.) Executing your artistic vision while also managing your space and providing consistent, enticing, high-quality experiences for your community can be challenging.

If you’re finding that it’s hard to be proactive about facilities management, you’re in good company, and we have specially-designed tools and fully qualified engineers ready to take you to the next level. ArtsBuild’s Asset Planner for the Arts program lets you make better decisions about your facility.

With a facilities assessment and forecast reports for up to 30 years, with a focus on the next five years, Asset Planner for the Arts makes it easier for you to keep your facility in good repair. ArtsBuild’s subsidy makes this tool affordable for you.

Click here to watch an intro video. Contact Lindsay for your free demo!

Photo by Koolb, CC by NC-SA 2.0