ABO’s Strategic Plan 2022–2025

For over 20 years, ABO’s services have supported arts organizations, artists, and municipalities. We are unique in that we support arts organizations of all disciplines with their cultural infrastructure needs. Over the course of the pandemic, ABO has reflected on the current state of the arts in Ontario as the use and need for physical space has evolved.

We are excited to share with you today our new Strategic Plan for 2022-2025. The plan will guide ABO for the next three years with a re-energized Mandate, Mission and Vision:

Mandate: ArtsBuild Ontario provides the leadership and expertise needed to operate small to medium-sized arts and creative spaces in Ontario.

Mission: ArtsBuild Ontario supports small-medium-sized organizations across Ontario to build, finance, and manage their arts and creative spaces.

Vision: ArtsBuild Ontario strives for a thriving cultural sector with vibrant arts and creative spaces that are accessible to everyone.

The plan is guided by the following strategic directions:

  1. Increase ABO’s relevance and impact by strengthening its connections to arts communities

  2. Leverage existing successes and explore new approaches for creative spaces

  3. Reflect the sector’s diversity to foster organizational growth

  4. Demonstrate a healthy and robust financial position

Over the next three years, we will build on existing successes and develop our services around new models including digital infrastructure. We will strive to listen, reflect and deepen our connection with Ontario’s diverse communities to improve our services and cultivate partnerships alongside underrepresented groups. To support these goals, we will establish a healthy financial position to sustain ABO’s growth in the years to come.

We invite you to read and share ABO Strategic Plan 2022-2025.

We hope you will stay connected with ABO and be a part of the journey forward.