What is an Arts Service Organization and What Do We Do?

Starting a career in the arts can be daunting and overwhelming. How do you get funding? How do you write a grant? How do you make your organization stand out? Arts service organizations (ASOs) can provide guidance and tools to help you succeed in the arts and culture sector.

ASOs are typically nonprofit groups that support artists and creative industry groups with a range of different tools and resources. There are different types of ASOs, and each can provide assistance based on your organizational needs. Some ASOs support a specific group such as performers or artists, while others can support disciplines such as theatre or music. Arts Service Organizations can provide:

  • funding or funding resources
  • fiscal assistance
  • advocacy 
  • professional development & networking
  • conferences
  • membership based models

So what kind of ASO are we? ArtsBuild Ontario is an ASO who focuses on supporting artists and their organizations in finding long-term space solutions for their creative practice. We encompass several different areas of support to arts organizations by providing programs, research, tools and resources. We have professional development opportunities, free and paid resources, as well as advocacy support for space needs. We support the development and management of creative spaces such as theatres, galleries, concert halls, museums and other creative spaces. 

Our 3 core programs:

Creative Spaces Mentoring Network

This is a mentoring program for leaders in Ontario’s arts and heritage sectors focused on strengthening business and management skills needed to successfully oversee, renew and develop creative spaces.

Asset Planner for the Arts 

Make better decisions and produce accurate capital forecasts for your arts facility with Asset Planner for the Arts – a tool that tracks your facility’s condition and replacement costs for key building components.

Learning Series

Our learning series includes free and paid webinars that cover a range of topics such as  accessibility, asset management, capital project support, energy efficiency, managing creative spaces and space rentals. 

There are more ASOs who support Ontario’s arts sector! 

While ArtsBuild Ontario targets building, managing, and financing needs for creative space, there are several other organizations across Ontario dedicated to different needs in the sector. Check them out!