6 project ideas for the Energize Microloan Fund for the Arts

lighting 2Does your arts facility need better insulation? Could it use a new lighting system? Maybe even a new roof? Making energy efficient upgrades can save your arts organization money and help it become a greener space.

The Energize Microloan Fund for the Arts program is designed to support projects, plans and reports that save on energy costs and reduce energy consumption. Taking on one of these projects can save your organization money which can go right back into your creative programming.

  1. Energy efficient lighting systems. Lighting is a major source of heat and big electrical energy consumer. On average, about 25% of utility bills are spent on lighting. Switching to an energy efficient lighting system can reduce the amount of energy spent on lighting up to 70%.
  2. Low flow toilets. Two key advantages to installing low flow toilets are water conservation and cost savings. New designs of low flow toilets use approximately 1.6 gallons per flush compared to older models which can use from 3.5 to 7 gallons. Reducing water usage can drastically impact your annual water expenses.
  3. Better insulation. Many older buildings are relatively drafty and lightly insulated, which can result in greater heat loses and higher energy bills. Space heating makes up a good portion on energy bills, so when a well insulated building requires less heating in the winter and less cool air in the summer, your organization can save a lot.
  4. Roof upgrades. The heat caused by your building’s roof makes your air conditioner work twice as hard in warmer months. By replacing your roof with a cool one or retrofitting your current roof with heat reflective materials, your arts organization can save on energy costs that go towards cool air in the summer.
  5. Window improvements. While they provide warmth, light and ventilation, windows can negatively impact overall energy costs. If your building has very old or inefficient windows, it might cheaper to replace them energy efficient ones, which will eventually pay for themselves. They lower heating and cooling costs and sometimes even lighting costs. But you can still make upgrades to your current windows by adding storm windows, caulking and weather stripping.
  6. Replacing any system or component with an energy efficient system or component. You read that right. If you need a new fridge, replacing it with an energy efficient one is an eligible project. Need a new HVAC system? Replacing it with an energy efficient one would qualify. How about a new door? As long as it saves on energy costs and contributes to the sustainability of the facility, it works.

Interested in applying for the Energize Microloan Fund for the Arts? Contact Lindsay MacDoanld, Director of Programs at 519.880-3670 x 102 or lindsay@artsbuildontario.ca.

For more information on the Energize Microloan Fund for the Arts, visit the program page here.