Asset Planner for the Arts is here!

It’s tracking the condition of your facilities. It’s forecasting when repairs and upgrades need to be made. It’s planning for the unexpected (and expected).

It’s Asset Planner for the Arts – and ArtsBuild is excited to bring this tool to arts organizations that want to plan ahead by knowing the costs of keeping their buildings in good repair and by having the ability to attract smart financing to be able to do it.

Asset Planner for the Arts provides:

  • An accurate snapshot of your facility’s condition, letting you be proactive in scheduling managing annual upkeep, upgrades and capital projects.
  • Built-in modeling allowing you to do strategic, long term planning for your facility, with a focus on the next five years.
  • Reduces your risk by helping you decide which upgrades need to be done and when you need to do them

Here’s the best part – ArtsBuild is subsidizing 50% of the cost of this two year program for 24 arts organizations across Ontario. The full value of Asset Planner for the Arts is $4,800, but with ArtsBuild’s support, the program only costs participating organizations $2,400.

Get all the details on our handy fact sheet or check out our informational video!

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