Bricks&Mortar Update and Ontario’s Culture Strategy

ArtsBuild Ontario is dedicated to capturing the needs and plans of our arts facilities across the province and using this information to improve our facilities.

We have spent the past year collecting important facility related data and housing it in our database Bricks&Mortar. This system allows for the constant updating of your information so that it remains current.

As of June 2015, we have collected information from 302 organizations province-wide which includes the needs and plans of 640 facilities across all disciplines.

Culture Strategy
As all of you know the sector has been asked to participate in the Culture Talks that are occurring, so that the Province of Ontario can develop their first Culture Strategy in 2016.

Last week ArtsBuild meet with Assistant Deputy Minister Kevin Finnerty and Director, Culture and Strategic Policy Branch, Dawn Landry, to;

  1. Present the findings in Bricks&Mortar, that supports and quantifies the need for investment in arts infrastructure from the province
  2. Remind MTCS that ArtsBuild is busy collecting facilities data that can/should be used in important processes like Culture Talks to inform funders
  3. Encourage future discussions moving forward on how this valuable data can be used collaboratively by the sector, to everyone’s benefit.
ArtsBuild was encouraged by the conversation and by the strength of the data that we continue to collect.
Next Steps: In addition to ArtsBuild participating in a town hall ArtsBuild will be submitting a brief via their online forum that summarizes our very lengthy report to better capture the hard numbers that they are looking for (as recommended).We hope to continue the conversation about infrastructure as the process continues. As you attend your local Town Hall, be sure to mention the needs of your facility!!ArtsBuild continues to collect your data on an ongoing basis. If you have not completed your Bricks&Mortar profile or wish to do so, please contact or here to view infographics that highlight key pieces of data from Bricks&Mortar that were presented.Organizational Highlights              Facility Highlights              Facility Needs               Facility Plans