Did you know that ArtsBuild has a Corporate Sponsorship program?


ArtsBuild is currently reaching out to the business community involved with a history of supporting arts facilities, to contribute to ArtsBuild’s mandate of delivering programs and services needed to support thriving arts facilities in the province.

ArtsBuild is grateful for the support of our partners and would like to expand our partnership network to include even more organizations and businesses that believe in the sustainability of arts facilities in Ontario. We are involved with over 700 arts organizations in the province and together with industry, non-profit and government partners, we are able to jointly and cost-effectively develop and deliver innovative tools, services and resources to help realize long-term solutions to building, managing and financing sustainable arts facilities.

Please visit our Corporate Partners page to see our list of corporate sponsors supporting ABO to date. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of our Corporate Sponsorship program, contact Adele Dobkowski at adele@artsbuildonatario.ca.