CSMN Mentee Spotlight: Sean Farrell, The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District

Interested in learning about what mentees have to say about the Creative Spaces Mentoring Network? Please read the following post-program testimonial with 2019-20 mentee Sean Farrell, Executive Director of The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District.


Having an opportunity to participate in the year-long Creative Spaces Mentoring Network program truly was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As an arts administrator working in a remote Northern Canadian community, opportunities for regular meaningful dialogues with arts and capital projects colleagues can be few and far between. My mentor, Michael Tunney of the City of Mississauga was an amazing resource of knowledge and relate-able experiences, and over time, also became a source of familiar and personal support as I dealt with some unique localized challenges relating to my facility project. In fact, I would certainly say that my mentor’s suggestions, ideas and feedback helped us cross a finish line in getting approvals for our project.

A wonderful outcome of the mentorship was the establishment of a warm and supportive friendship with an continental perspective. I suspect perhaps that some of my issues and anecdotal references might even have provided a few new ideas to my mentor – and possibly a few smiles along the way. I was very pleased and happy that we were able to put
some discipline into our process – having regularly scheduled meeting times, diarizing our process, and ensuring that there was regularity to our interactions really allowed the process we undertook to result in tangible and practical suggestions and tips for my project.

My thanks and gratitude to the staff of ArtsBuild Ontario for facilitating this wonderful program and taking a
chance on bringing a non-Ontarian in on the fun!

-Sean Farrell, Executive Director

The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District


Interested in applying to our Creative Spaces Mentoring Network 2020-21 iteration? Learn more about the program here! Application deadline is Friday, March 13, 2020.