Be our Valentine and share what makes you smile

smile candy

Be our Valentine…
and share what makes you smile.

Your passion, your energy and your dedication are what make Ontario’s arts organizations and facilities great. You provide the opportunities for creativity that make a difference in the lives of the 12,851,821 people that call our province home. And that’s a lot to smile about.

Share what makes you smile by sending us photos of the people, places and activities that bring out your pearly whites.

  • Had an amazing opening event?
  • Proud of a space renewal or new construction project?
  • So in love with your new lighting system that you sang out loud?
  • Working with a team so in synch, that you finish each others’ sentences?

Got your smile on? Send it to us!
Snap a pic and send it to: or share it on our Facebook Page wall here or tag with #ABOsmile and post it to Twitter.

Sharing the smile.
Because we love sharing the moments that make you smile, your photo will join other smile worthy moments on our new Pinterest board, Facebook and new website (arriving in March).

Questions? Email Kirstie or give her a call at 519.880.3670 ext 101.