Making Spaces for Art: A Case Study – Registry Theatre

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments”

registryThe story of The Registry Theatre is intimately and irretrievably entwined with that of J.M. Drama and the City of Kitchener. Originally built in 1939 as the Waterloo County Registry Office, it is one of the few art deco buildings in Waterloo Region. Yet what became The Registry Theatre was the result of its own perfect marriage between the City of Kitchener and J.M. Drama. Like all relationships, they have their own romantic tales and foibles. But make no mistake, this marriage not only is growing strong, but still has its spark.

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Making Spaces for Art: A Case Study – Dundas Valley School of Art

“In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what you want and the other is getting it.” Oscar Wilde

Dundas Valley School of Art has turned the tragedy of getting what you want into triumph.  The catalyst for some transformations is sometimes so deceptively simple. The Dundas Valley School of Art turned a minor injury into a major overhaul.  A broken ankle for Executive Director Arthur Greenblatt resulted in the renovation of the entire facility. The experience has left Greenblatt with some cautionary tales about closing your venue and renovating it tip to top, about accepting money from the Federal Government, and about navigating politics. But his biggest caution echoes the thoughts of the famous playwright Oscar Wilde. “Be careful what you wish for,” Greenblatt says.

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Accessibility Ontario Webinars

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) affects all businesses, nonprofits and all levels of government in Ontario. With the goal of breakdown barriers for people with disabilities, the AODA mandates that all organizations meet various standards relating to customer service, employment, information and communications, the built environment, and transportation (

ArtsBuild has partnered with Accessibility Ontario to deliver the information that you need to comply with Accessibility Ontario Disability Act (AODA) Standards.

Accessibilty Ontario is about to begin their first two webinar series, aimed at helping organizations understand the AODA Standards – and both of the first webinars are being offered for FREE. Visit our Calendar for more information, or head to to learn more about the AODA and Accessibility Ontario’s programs.

New Approaches to Sustainable Creative Spaces: An ArtsBuild Roadtrip

ArtsBuild is conducting nine community engagement sessions in 2013 across the province!

ArtsBuild is visiting nine representative communities across Ontario to involve local leaders in  conversations about the successes they are achieving around creating the spaces they need for vibrant cultural activity in their community and the challenges they are facing in developing and maintaining these spaces.  ArtsBuild will also share the innovative approaches it has been developing and engage the communities in assessing the relevance these hold for local arts organizations.


Making Spaces for Art: A Case Study – Art Gallery of Mississauga

BioImage - AGM

“I call it the best kept secret of Mississauga.” –Stuart Keeler, Director-Curator

Everyone loves a hidden gem.  That restaurant a friend told you about, that film you didn’t think you would love that much or that bottle of wine you tried on a lark.  However, when it comes to an art gallery, this shouldn’t be the case.  Art needs appreciation and therefore appreciators.  Stuart Keeler, Director and Curator of the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM), is tackling the multi-faceted problem of being such a secret.  Focusing on visibility, connection to the community, and relevancy, the Art Gallery of Mississauga is re-inventing itself.

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