Thank You and Farewell to ABO’s Departing Interim Executive Director, Diana Moser

Over the past year, Diana Moser has been serving as ArtsBuild Ontario’s (ABO) Interim Executive Director. During her time with ABO, Diana fully embraced this challenge of leading an organization through the uncertainties of COVID-19 and its impact on the arts and culture sector. Regardless of ups and downs, ABO continued to support creative spaces throughout the pandemic with projects such as the Indigenous Creative Spaces ProjectLEARN IT | BUILD IT | MANAGE IT, and the Mapping Northern Creative Spaces Project as well as our core programs such as the Mentoring Network and Asset Planner for the Arts.

In addition, ABO continues its partnership with the City of Kitchener and the Accelerator Centre in operating 44 Gaukel Creative Workspace in Downtown Kitchener. The building has remained open to tenants throughout the pandemic.

Aside from maintaining projects and programs, Ms. Moser brought ABO into the third cohort of Pluralism and Organizational Change, facilitated Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO).  

Diana had the right skillset at the right time – managing unforeseen and unpredictable change. It was a pleasure working with her as she rose to the challenges the year presented. We were so lucky to have her and know that she will be a major asset to the organization that is lucky enough to hire her. Good luck, Diana!  –Kristian Clarke, President, ArtsBuild Ontario 

 Ms. Moser approached this year with a high level of organization and innovation. Wherever her next adventure takes her, any team will greatly benefit from her novel ideas and kind, thoughtful approach to leadership.

 ABO welcomes back our Executive Director, Alex Glass, after 14 months of maternity leave.