Things are simpler with Asset Planner for the Arts!

Be one of nine arts facilities to access this tool!

Plan for building repairs right from your computer! Asset Planner for the Arts is an asset management tool that lives on a cloud-based system and allows arts managers to view a snapshot of their facility’s condition, plan for repairs and generate budget forecasts (great for making compelling cases for funding!)

Climb up to the roof to know when your shingles should be replaced.
Stay in your chair, log on Asset Planner, and see when exactly when and how much it will cost to replace your roof shingles.

What is included?

  1. Site walk-through and building inventory by Walter Fedy
  2. Online training (via webinar) on the Asset Planner software with Ameresco and ongoing support for two years
  3. Two year operating license*
  4. Access to the ArtsBuild Learning Series

What does it cost?

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has provided funds to reduce these costs to make it more affordable to our arts organizations.

The cost of Asset Planner is based on the square footage* of your building. Below we have included some cost ranges to help you understand how affordable this might be for your organization.

  • If your building is under 20,000 square feet, the minimum cost is: $600
  • If your building is between 20,001-25,000 square feet, the minimum cost is: $700
  • If your building is between 25,001-30,000 square feet, the minimum cost is: $900
  • If your building is over 30,000 square feet, the minimum cost starts at: $1,000+

The above costs are to be used as a guideline only and are not formal quotes.

*cost may increase in the event your facility is deemed more complex by the engineer and/or if it requires extensive travel.

Please contact Lindsay Golds or Alex Glass if you wish to receive a quote for Asset Planner for the Arts.