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Have you been thinking about your arts facility lately? Exploring Resource Library is a great way to get the wheels turning. Resource Library is a living library, which means we’re always adding new articles, case studies and guides about arts facilities for your arts organization to access in one location. Whether you’re planning an entirely new build or making a small upgrade, Resource Library is a free and reliable place to start.

Recently added resources include:

Fit for the Future Guide: Investing in Environmentally Sustainable Buildings
Resource: Julie’s Bicycle

This is an incredibly valuable guide for directors and managers of arts organizations developing capital projects. The Fit for the Future Guide will help you integrate environmental sustainability into your capital project plans. It focuses mainly on larger capital projects and the redevelopment of existing buildings and infrastructure, but it’s also relevant to smaller capital projects and new builds.

Download the guide here: http://bit.ly/1D8GFmQ

5 Pros and Cons of Operating City-Owned Theatres
Resource: The Clyde Fitch Report

A great discussion about questions often asked when tackling building projects in city-owned arts facilities — and in this case, theatres are in the spotlight. This article covers five different approaches (and their respective perks and challenges) when it comes to building operations. Take a look and see what’s working for independent nonprofits, government run facilities, user-run facilities, school and college run facilities and fee for service facility managers.

Read the article here: http://bit.ly/1f3ofZD

Why don’t you have a Capital Reserve Fund?
Resource: Managing the Built Environment

Looking to learn more about reserve funds for your building? This article is a great place to start. With the constant need for arts organizations to secure financing, facility repairs often fall through the cracks. Planning ahead for the future needs of your facility over a long period of time can prevent financial strain when surprise building repairs come up.  This article will definitely get you thinking about the benefits of creating a capital reserve fund.

Read the article here: http://bit.ly/1GP4tvK

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