What’s Your Plan?

As you may have seen in our recent communications, ArtsBuild Ontario has exciting announcements to share, including new partnerships. Artscape Toronto and Magnus Theatre of Thunder Bay have joined our Asset Planner for the Arts program to gain valuable tools for proactive facility management.

managing_rev1-page-0What’s your approach? We all know that “a stitch in time saves nine”, as the saying goes, but where and when should the HVAC be patched up? Should you repair or replace those heritage windows? What’s the best value?

This is exactly where Asset Planner for the Arts comes in.

The Asset Planner for the Arts program includes an assessment of your building and a 2-year license to robust, cloud-based software that simplifies tracking and supports decision-making. Systems this powerful and polished are normally only available to large organizations and municipalities, but makes it accessible to nonprofit arts organizations with a significant subsidy.

You are only a few steps away from having an accurate snapshot of your facility’s current condition and easy to read capital forecasts. With Asset Planner for the Arts, you can reduce your risk with a proactive approach, and manage your limited budget with confidence.

Watch our intro video and contact Lindsay to register while this special program is available.