Why the energize microloan fund for the arts works

1034f_microlending_000Every organization has unique needs when it comes to making their facility more sustainable. Anything from leaky windows to an outdated roof can end up costing your nonprofit more the longer problems like these go unresolved. Using the Energize Microloan Fund for the Arts as capital for small building projects lets you invest in the sustainability of your creative space, organization and the environment.

Our microloan program helps support projects, plans and reports that make your creative space more energy efficient. Participation in our loan program can have lasting positive effects on your organization, including reduced energy costs which can save your nonprofit money over time.

Here are a few reasons why we think the Energize Microloan Fund for the Arts is useful opportunity for our creative organizations.

Nonprofits helping nonprofits. We’ve partnered with Community Forward Fund who specialize in nonprofit lending and financing. They take applications under careful consideration based on both their eligibility and unique financial story. Read more about them here.

Low interest rates. ArtsBuild is pleased to be able to subsidize the rate of interest by 4.5%, so nonprofit organizations only borrow at 3.5% compared to the regular 8% rate.

Supports small projects. Need your attic insulated? How about a new HVAC system? As long as your project is energy efficient and contributes to the overall sustainability of your facility, it qualifies. For more project ideas, read 6 Project Ideas for Energize Microloan for the Arts.

Reduce annual utility costs. The neat thing about the Energize Microloan program is that organizations not only establish greener practices, but can also save on overall operational costs. Money saved can be put right back into your creative programming and organization.

Use it with saveONenergy incentives. These incentives are available province-wide and distributed through your local utility provider. If any apply to your nonprofit, contact us and we’d be happy to help. Check out what incentives are available here.

Connect with our Director of Programs, Lindsay MacDonald at 519.880.3670 ext 102 or lindsay@artsbuildontario.ca.

Other information about the Energize Microloan Fund for the Arts:

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