Energy Savings Assessments: Call for Interest

ENERGY SAVINGS ASSESSMENTS:  Call for Expressions of Interest

Reducing energy consumption – and our utilities bills – is top of mind for many of us. And every dollar saved can go to our programming!

GLOBE, the energy management subsidiary of ArtsBuild’s partner Housing Services Corp, is ready to conduct in-person, Energy Savings Assessments to show you the things you can do today to reduce your energy usage, and also the improvements you could make that have the best and fastest paybacks.

GLOBE energy auditors will analyze your utilities bills, make a site visit to assess your facility and help you register for the many incentive programs offered through the Ontario Power Authority and your local utilities providers.

With the support of the Government of Canada, ArtsBuild is pleased to offer a subsidy for the Energy Savings Assessment to a limited number of organizations.

Register your interest here for more information so you can benefit from this program.

Online Carbon Footprint Measurement Tool: Free Access, Register Now


ArtsBuild has partnered with CarbonCounted, a nonprofit organization, to offer Ontario’s arts organizations a free subscription to an easy-to-use online Carbon Footprint Measurement Tool that tracks your facility’s energy usage and emission profile.

Developed by CarbonCounted, specifically for the arts sector, the Carbon Footprint Measurement Tool will allow you to identify opportunities for energy efficiencies, compare your facility with others across the province and get the data you need to report your progress in reducing your carbon footprint to key stakeholders.

Through ArtsBuild’s partnership with the Government of Canada, this tool is free for Ontario arts organizations for two years.  The regular charge to subscribe to CarbonCounted is $100 per year.

Register for the Online Carbon Footprint Measurement Tool here>