Get the training you need for an energy-efficient art facility

Now that you’ve started planning to move towards energy conservation planning, wouldn’t it be helpful to learn more about what it takes to actually get it done?

ArtsBuild, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada and supported by Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited, is holding a GTA-based workshop for arts organizations that will to cover:

  • Current best practices energy conservation including tips you can implement right away
  • Ways to make your facility more energy efficient using specific arts facilities examples
  • Review opportunities to save money through energy conservation
  • Hands-on activities and exercises so you can become more familiar with the components in your facility

You can find more details on the training and how to sign up HERE.

ArtsBuild Energy Conservation Program Launch!

It may be that nothing is certain but rain and taxes, but our experience shows that it’s likely your facility could benefit from implementing some energy conservation measures. That’s why last week we introduced the ArtsBuild Energy Conservation Program.

Designed to help arts organizations identify and implement cost-effective energy conservation projects for their buildings, the ArtsBuild Energy Conservation Program is designed specifically for creative spaces including theatres, galleries, concert halls, museums and other arts facilities.

Check out our informational video!

Uncover opportunities to save money and move towards a more energy efficient building with the ArtsBuild Energy Conservation Program!

Find out your Carbon Footprint for FREE with ArtsBuild!

Environment_TreeMaintaining sustainable and energy-efficient arts facilities can be a challenge if you don’t know where to get started. That’s where our partnership with CarbonCounted can help!

CarbonCounted is a Canadian not-for-profit that is designed to “empower organizations to reduce carbon emissions”. By identifying where you can start reducing your carbon footprint, you can begin to make more informed decisions on how to choose environmentally sustainable products and services.

Through ArtsBuild’s partnership with the Government of Canada, this tool is FREE for Ontario arts organizations for two years. The regular charge to subscribe to CarbonCounted is $100 per year!


[ Remember: this tool is free AND it could end up saving the planet… or at least one tree! ]


Sustainability Matters for the Arts

Sustainability within the arts sector is something everyone is talking about: How do we make our buildings more energy efficient? How do we measure (and reduce) our carbon footprint? How can my organization convert utility costs into programming dollars?

Recently The Guardian published an article about the importance of engaging the arts sector in this important conversation about environmentalism. While the article originates in the UK, many of the objectives of sustainability initiatives of Arts Council England reflect what ArtsBuild has made available through our partnerships here in Ontario. Programs like Carbon Counted and our Energy Savings Assessments, can help arts organizations take their first steps to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Click HERE to read the article and join us on April 4th for our webinar with Ian Garrett, co-founder and director for The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts.

Sustainable Practice in the Arts with Ian Garrett (Webinar)


Join your peers and Ian Garrett, one of North America’s most respected voices on sustainability in the performing arts, on April 4th from 2pm-3pm for an online conversation about what sustainable practice really means.

By looking at current research and examples you will learn how to identify key performance indicators around sustainability and the cost/benefit analysis for tackling the low hanging fruit – in other words, the simple changes in how cultural facilities are managed in order to improve their energy efficiency. Ian will also address some of the possible misconceptions about the ecological impact of the creative sector.