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SpaceFinder’s FREE Booking Features


Make it easy for renters to book your space!

We understand that all space bookings are different and range from simple to very complex. We also know that every organization uses different systems to manage space bookings. To help you streamline the booking process, SpaceFinder has three great listing features to help you market your space and reach new renters! As an added bonus, when you enable these features your listing gets boosted in search results!

See how you can promote available rental times, review rental requests and accept payment using SpaceFinder’s free listing features!

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1. Share your Calendar and Promote Available Rental Times

Did you know one of the top barriers to new renters contacting your venue is uncertainty around whether or not your space is available?

Uploading your booking calendar makes it easier for new renters to discover you by promoting your up-to-date empty time slots. Is your space only available to book in the evenings? Use the calendar to promote available time slots!

Listings with uploaded calendars also receive priority search ranking, and there is no fee!

Check out the SpaceFinder Knowledge Base for handy trouble-shooting tips!

2.  Take Booking Requests through SpaceFinder

Get booking inquiries straight to your email inbox with SpaceFinder’s FREE Space Request feature.

Space requests are online forms submitted via SpaceFinder by a renter interested in booking your space. The Space Request button streamlines the booking process for the renter and the venue. Don’t worry though – Space Requests are just that: a request. Your booking contact person still has the ability to vet the request and follow-up with the prospective renter.

As an added bonus, the Space Request feature allows you to collect and export your rental data! This data can come in handy when you have something relevant and exciting to share with renters, like promotions, membership opportunities or special events! This data also allows you to track rental trends – great for fine-tuning your target rental audience!

3. Online Payment Engine 

Online booking is a great way to offer convenient payment options to renters and streamline your communications. Once you’ve completed your hourly rates form and enabled Space Requests (optional, but encouraged!), you can authorize your account to accept credit cards. There is a low transaction fee associated with each processed transaction.

The Booking Engine Feature allows you to take credit card payment online, over the phone and in-person. Revenues are deposited directly to your bank account and receipts are emailed directly to the renter. Best of all – there are NO monthly payments and NO fees for refunds!

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