Spring up your next capital project with PLAN IT | BUILD IT

Have a renovation or addition in store this spring? With warm temperatures right around the corner, weather conditions are becoming more ideal for arts organizations to tackle facility projects of any size.

PIBI_4clr…But a lot of us don’t really know where to start. Have you thought about conducting a needs assessment? Or putting together a project team? Making a solid case for support to your Board of Directors? Usually capital projects are a once in a 10 year deal, so organizations want to make sure they know the ins and outs of their facility project plan and what it really entails.

Any facility project phase, especially in the arts, is a complex and non-linear process. The good news is PLAN IT | BUILD IT was designed specifically for arts organizations and put together by industry professionals with extensive experience in managing complex planning processes, and advancing projects to meet time and cost goals. Oh, and it’s free to use. Arts organizations can easily access PLAN IT | BUILD IT through ArtsBuild Ontario’s website.

PLAN IT | BUILD IT contains four streams to fit any arts organization’s project scale:

  • New Construction: see the entire process and get started on planning a project and building a team.
  • Large Renovations & Additions: guides you through how to manage the changes that accompany large renovations and additions.
  • Small-to Medium-Sized Renovations: a detailed look at small to medium sized renovation projects and guides you through the process so your renovations stay small to medium sized!
  • Operations & Maintenance: see how operating and maintaining buildings for arts and culture deserves just as much, if not more, attention than projects that result in new buildings.

PLAN IT | BUILD IT is really easy to use. It intuitively takes you through the site by dividing content up by phases. That way, you can take your time to make sure you’ve covered each step to ensure your capital project is a success.

So while you’re planning your next renovation, addition or just looking to maintain your building’s operations, make sure you check out PLAN IT | BUILD IT first.

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