Ontario Creative Spaces Survey Pulse Check

In the past few years of post-pandemic recovery, the arts and culture sector has changed dramatically, including the cultural spaces landscape across Ontario.

This pulse survey is intended to provide insight into the current needs of arts organizations and their spaces. These findings will be shared with our network and inform ABO’s current and future programs.

We would appreciate your time in completing the following survey – it should take approximately 10 minutes. Your answers will remain anonymous. The survey closes on April 30th, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST.

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ABO Learning Series: Hub Culture and Spaces for the Future Webinar



Register today for the ABO Learning Series: Hub Culture and Spaces for the Future Webinar on May 2nd, 2024 from 1pm – 2:30pm EST.

In recent years, the concept of “arts hubs” has gained popularity in creative communities. As space for artists and arts organizations becomes increasingly scarce, shared space models have emerged as a cost-effective and sustainable solution. A hub model not only provides affordable space solutions but also creates a sense of community and promotes environmental stewardship through resource sharing.

Let’s look at some of Ontario’s successful creative hubs, with Gonzalo Duarte, Director of Coworking Design & Operations at CSI Spadina, Nevine Sedki, Resource Mobilization Director at SKETCH Working Arts, and Brianne Franklin, Executive Director of the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning to discuss how they have created a community-centered model while offering engaging programs and supporting their tenants, clients, and artists with space. What strategies have these creative hubs implemented to keep their community engaged and thriving? How have they managed to foster a supportive and collaborative environment for their artists and tenants, and what plans do they have for the future?

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ABO Learning Series: Creating a Sustainable Business Model for Arts Spaces Webinar


Register today for the ABO Learning Series: Creating a Sustainable Business Model for Arts Spaces Webinar on April 4th, 2024 from 1pm – 2:30pm EST.

As an arts organization or a cultural space, it is essential to have a well-constructed plan that outlines your goals and strategies for success. Having a clear vision and a roadmap can help support your space and staff, with an emphasis on short-term or long term-goals.

Let’s focus on business planning and what that looks like for arts organizations and cultural spaces. Do you have a long-term plan for your organization or facility? How can you set yourself up strategically and financially to support the longevity of your organization? Hear from Aubrey Reeves, President and CEO of Business/Arts, Alexandra Badzak, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Ottawa Art Gallery, and Gideon Arthurs,  Executive Director of Soulpepper Theatre Company on what sustainability looks like when navigating strategic priorities, business management and financial planning.

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The Ecology of Indigenous Creative Space & Allyship Workshop



Join Dr. Terri-Lynn Brennan and JP Longboat, alongside ArtsBuild Ontario, for a working session dedicated to the intersection of allyship, Indigenous creative spaces, and self-determination. Held at the Native Earth Performing Arts Aki Studio, in Tkaronto (Toronto), on March 25th from 1pm – 4pm, this session welcomes all arts organizations to rethink their organizational structures toward building relationships as an ally and creating safe and enabling spaces rooted in Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination.

Informed by Paddling Upstream and principles platformed by the Two-Row Wampum as guides, we will explore how to actively support and amplify Indigenous voices, address systemic challenges, and foster environments of equally empowered collaboration. We will unpack how Paddling Upstream can be used to support spaces in learning to navigate conversations with Indigenous artists and community, and embrace an approach to developing deeper respect and humility toward Indigenous ways of thinking, being and living.

As the final component of the Indigenous Creative Spaces Project, this workshop marks the culmination of a four-year journey. This project has been instrumental in bringing together Indigenous artists and leaders from across Ontario, creating a relational framework and network to support the work that happens in these very important self-determined spaces. Led by the Indigenous Advisory Circle and supported by ArtsBuild Ontario, the project has fostered an ecology of knowledge informed by and for Indigenous communities. Through a combination of recorded and oral documentation, the project exists to support the inter-related development of Indigenous creative spaces throughout the Province. As we move forward, we must create new models and enhance current Western approaches to build a brighter future.

Register today as registration is open until March 24th, 2024 at 5pm EST.

Generously supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage and Canada Council for the Arts.

Capital Grant Informational Webinar with OTF and ABO

Join ArtsBuild Ontario for an information session on the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Capital Grant on Thursday, January 25 at 2pm EST with Program Managers Hélène Duquette and Natalie Normand as we talk about OTF’s new grant investment framework, eligibility criteria, and other Capital Grant related questions. 

Ontario Trillium Foundation Capital Grants provide funding to help organizations respond to the needs of Ontario’s communities.

Capital Grants help organizations:

  • Maintain or increase access to a program or service
  • Extend the life of a facility or space (updates to buildings or enhancement of spaces)
  • Purchase equipment
  • Improve a facility or space to make it more accessible

Ontario Trillium Foundation will be accepting applications for their Capital Grant stream, with applications available from February 7, 2024 until the deadline of March 6, 2024 at 5 PM ET. 

Learn more about OTF’s Capital Grant, and register today