Design Development (DD)

DD takes the outline plans produced during SD and develops them a step further.  Structural and other building systems are planned, key building materials are decided upon, building components are sized, and code compliance is confirmed.

During DD the construction drawing set begins to take shape, accompanied by a preliminary set of specifications – written documents that serve as instructions to the contractors for specific elements of the project.

Findings during DD may require adjustment of the SD plans, but major changes to the building program or project concept at this point will result in redesign work for an added cost.

At the end of DD (100%DD), you will see:

  • Fully dimensioned floor plans
  • Developed building sections
  • Developed elevations
  • (usually) Preliminary specifications (specs)

Often a cost consultant will be called upon to confirm the estimated cost of the project on the basis of these plans & specs if estimates have not been updated along the way.

During DD, if green-building certification is being pursued, the design team will begin to gather the appropriate documentation and confirm that the standards are met.

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