Construction Contract Administration (CA)

Construction is actually the last phase of design

While the design is technically complete when 100% Construction Documents are done, the design team should remain involved to be sure the project is properly executed and to address questions and unforeseen conditions that come up during construction.  This phase is known as Construction Administration or Contract Administration.  Depending on the project delivery method, the architect may actually be administering the contract between the contractor and the owner as well as monitoring the work.

Maintaining a presence on-site helps avoid costly errors

A member of the architect’s team will usually be on site during the entire construction process; (s)he will act as the point person for the whole design team.  Engineers and specialists will also visit the construction site at key intervals to check how work is proceeding, answer questions, and intercept any construction errors.

As the owner, you should maintain an active presence on-site as well – your project manager should visit the site regularly, and invite members of the internal project team to stay abreast of construction.  For large projects, it’s often exciting to record construction with a webcam, so other stakeholders can observe the building project as it progresses.

RFIs, COs and other documents

Requests for Information and Change Orders will become familiar friends during the construction process.  Click through to this section for more detailed information.

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