You’ll probably want to celebrate the project’s completion in some way –

– Both to show it off and as an opportunity to thank the donors and stakeholders that made the project possible.  A successful opening event can set the tone for community appreciation of a project, and impact its vitality for years to come.

Many arts organizations want to plan an Opening Gala right after the end of construction, and often try to set this date years in advance.  Unfortunately, construction schedules always change, and rarely get shorter, so this practice usually results either in rushed construction, moving the gala date, or the substitution of a hard-hat tour for the intended black-tie dinner.

A better practice is to plan a celebration for a couple of months after the project’s scheduled completion.  This will give the construction schedule some breathing room, give you a chance to move in and work out any kinks in the new building, and, if you wish, host a nice event with minimal stress.

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