In Predesign, the key design parameters of the project are worked out, so they are known before beginning design in earnest.

These include:

  • Program confirmation
  • Preliminary project cost estimates
  • Scope and schedule analyses

Some projects may have completed aspects of Predesign during the development of a project concept; in this case, the Predesign phase is an opportunity to confirm those findings and develop them with the selected design team.

Sometimes, but not always, preliminary ideas about how a building will look are sketched out during Predesign.  Small projects may skip the Predesign phase entirely and go directly to Schematic Design, but most projects will benefit from at least a short Predesign phase to confirm the building program and other design drivers.  A well-executed Predesign package that explains the key parameters of a design can be a useful tool for early fundraising and developing government support for a project.

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