Solution Options

Identifying the requirements for a facility that meets your needs

Once you have articulated your project mission and detailed the needs you are trying to meet, it’s time to begin to think about different solutions that effectively meet these needs (the means). The objective of this work is to identify scenarios to test during feasibility.

Solution options can include:

  • Space lists (preliminary building program) and functional descriptions
  • A notion of how spaces will be used, and by whom
  • Utilization calendar outlining the use of spaces over time (if required)

If you are contemplating a small addition, you may already know exactly what spaces are needed and how they will be used. This is an opportunity for you to step back and see if there are any other spaces, uses, or improvements that could add to the success of the project.  It’s a lot easier to add a storage closet now than it will be after construction is complete!

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