Solution Options

Identifying the requirements for a facility that meets your needs

Once you have articulated your project mission and detailed the needs you are trying to meet, it’s time to begin to think about different solutions that effectively meet these needs (the means). The objective of this work is to identify scenarios to test during feasibility.

Solution options can include:

  • Space lists (preliminary building program) and functional descriptions
  • A notion of how spaces will be used, and by whom
  • Utilization calendar outlining the use of spaces over time (if required)

Consultants can help develop solutions options to the point where they can form the basis of an architectural feasibility analysis.

N.B. It’s not (yet) time to design the building

Resist the urge to develop design ideas at this point.  Becoming attached to a design idea too early on will hinder the development of effective solutions to the project’s needs.  Towards the end of the Feasibility Assessment phase, there will be opportunities to begin to think about architectural design.

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