Improving Energy Efficiency

In the last several years, as green building has taken hold around the world, new techniques have been developed to assess existing systems’ performance and evaluate the cost-benefit of investing in higher-efficiency gear when replacements are required.

Commissioning agents can examine HVAC, lighting, and plumbing systems to make sure they are operating in the most efficient manner, and keep the controls and components in tune so systems last longer.

Studies can also be undertaken by consulting engineers experienced in the analysis of building systems efficiency.  The results indicate whether an investment in improved building systems today will result in sufficient energy savings to justify the cost of the improvement.

Of course, if your building systems are failing, the cost is already justified, and high-efficiency systems are a no-brainer.  Arts organizations, who will often own and operate their facilities for many years into the future, are ideal candidates for these assessments.

OPScircleArtsBuild is supporting arts organizations with subsidized energy audits and learning programs around energy conservation.

For example, we have partnered with CarbonCounted, an organization that helps groups understand their environmental impact. By identifying where you can start reducing your carbon footprint, you can begin to make more informed decisions on how to choose environmentally sustainable products and services.

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