Small facilities upgrades and renovation projects don’t require as much intensive planning and fundraising as the larger projects, but the design and construction process proceeds in much the same manner.

PLAN IT | BUILD IT will give you a detailed look at these small to medium sized renovation projects and guide you through the process so your renovations stay small to medium sized!

Project Phases you’ll work through are:

  • Concept and Feasibility Planning
  • Fundraising and Financing Strategies
  • Design Considerations
  • Construction Process (and how to navigate it)

Getting Started

Useful tips to help you get the most out of PLAN IT | BUILD IT:

  1. You can use either the Next Step button or the left navigation to move though each project phase.
  2. Hovering over or clicking each of the phases on the left navigation to expand and collapse the steps.
  3. Key points in each step are marked with an icon.RENOcircle
  4. Hover over dotted underlined terms and a definition will appear.
  5. The Resources button contains links to information, industry-standard guidelines and best practices in ArtsBuild Ontario’s Resource Library.
  6. Want to take this information offline? Each page features a Print / Save / PDF option

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