Assembling a Team

As you enter the design phase of your renovation, you may for the first time turn the bulk of the work over to a team of people outside your organization, including:

  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Engineers, Consultants, and Contractors

All will bring their professional expertise to bear on the project you have established, and your job will become centered on adept decision-making, and the management of both your design team and of those within your organization.

RENOcircleSelecting the team of people that will help you realize your facilities vision is a complex undertaking that can seem daunting to arts organizations.  A small-scale renovation can often be led by a management and architectural team already known to the organization.

Perhaps a patron or a board member has a relationship with an architect who would be interested in joining the project team.  Bigger projects may want to interview several design teams, much in the way you would for a new construction project.

Owners beginning a design process should have an understanding of:

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